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Posted by Calin Denny On May 28, 2021

This delicious low-carb dressing of grilled chicken, pork, or beef will add great flavor to any meat you cook on the grill.

Install a marinade to try later.

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of barbecue season, right? And so for Favorite Friday This week I remind you of this Delicious low carb dressing This also works well on chicken, pork, or beef, and is the perfect solution to keep the meat moist and add flavor no matter what you cook on the grill. This is a marinade that I have used a lot and it has always had great results no matter what type of protein I have used it in it. The recipe makes enough marinade for several types of meat, and this will remain in the refrigerator for a week or two, so I recommend preparing the entire amount and trying it on different types of meat.

What is maceration?

soak Marinating is a process in which food is soaked for a period of time in a liquid that usually contains an oil and an acidic component such as lemon juice, lemon juice, vinegar, wine, or fruit juice. Seasonings can also include fresh or dried herbs, spices, and often contain onions or garlic. Use plastic storage bags or glass or plastic food storage containers to keep food while it is marinating; Do not season in metal containers. If you are not familiar with this technique, here are some great tips to learn from it What is American cooking And the Jessica Gavin.

How long should foods be soaked for the grill?

For this delicious low-carb dressing recipe, I recommend marinating chicken for at least 6-8 hours, and pork or beef for 8-10 hours if possible. It won’t hurt to soak for a little longer than this.

Does marinating meat need to be cooled?

Always cool down the chicken, pork, beef, or any other types of meat that you are marinating so that it cooks later on the grill. It prevents the growth of harmful bacteria.

What ingredients do you need for this recipe?

Why do I love this marinade so much?

I think this marinade contains the perfect blend of delicious ingredients to add flavor to chicken, pork or beef. One of the ingredients that add flavor is the Worcestershire sauce, and I use 1 tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce when I prepare it for chicken, but when I try it on pork, I will double the Worcestershire sauce to two tablespoons .. make sure of it. to use Gluten Free Worcestershire Sauce (Affiliate link) If you need this to be gluten-free. The small amount of mayonnaise really keeps the meat moist, and the lemon juice, spices, dried herbs, and garlic all add flavor.

Process delicious low-carb shots

How to make marinades and use them for food cooked on the grill:

(Scroll down for a complete recipe with nutritional information.)

  1. Combine the marinade component in a glass measuring cup and whisk together. (Or you can shake it in a jar if you prefer.) Don’t worry if some mayonnaise doesn’t mix.
  2. I always prepare my chickens with Tips for grilled chicken breasts. Watch this post if you are not experienced in cooking chicken breast.
  3. For pork or beef, I would also like to trim the fat and make small grades in the meat or dice it if you are using marinade for kabobs.
  4. Leave the meat or poultry to soak in the refrigerator for 6-8 hours (or longer).
  5. Then drain the chicken, pork or beef in a colander placed in the sink when you are ready to cook. (Salt water should never be reused because it contains bacteria.)
  6. Allow the chicken, pork, or beef to reach room temperature while the grill is heated up to a medium temperature.
  7. When you’re ready to put the chicken on the grill, brush it on both sides with olive oil (or use another oil with a higher neutral flavor if you have one).
  8. For cross grill marks, place the meat or chicken diagonally across the grill grates and cook until you see the marks for grilling (about 3-4 minutes for the chicken).
  9. Rotate the meat so that it is diagonally on the grill grates in the opposite direction and cook 3-4 minutes.
  10. Stir and cook until cooked through, approx 2-4 minutes additional for chicken. For all types of meat or poultry, I use it Meat thermometer with instant reading (Affiliate link) to know the end time. Here is a good chart with Safe temperatures for grilled foods.
  11. Serve it hot and wait for the compliments!

A delicious low-carb dressing for grilled chicken, pork, or beef version of grilled and marinated chicken breast

Make it a meal:

In the photo the chicken is served with Summer salad of green beans, tomatoes, onions and basil. any kind of Vegetables cooked on the grill It would also be a great side dish for this.

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  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 1/4 cup of white wine vinegar
  • 3T full-fat mayonnaise
  • 1 tonne of Worcestershire sauce (see notes)
  • 1 t lemon juice, preferably fresh (see notes)
  • 1 tsp. Sal or salt vegetables
  • 1 tsp. Freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 tea seasoning for poultry
  • 1 teaspoon crushed garlic or garlic powder
  • 1 t sweet paprika, preferably the Hungarian paprika
  • 1/2 ton of onion powder
  • 1 tsp. Dried thyme (optional but recommended)


  1. Place all ingredients in a bowl or glass measuring cup and whisk together, or you can mix the ingredients by shaking them in a bowl. (Don’t worry if there are some mayonnaise grains that won’t combine; they’ll melt when the meat is marinated.)
  2. If I use this on chickens, then I follow Tips for grilled chicken breasts. No matter what types of meat I use, I like shallow markings on the surface of the meat to make the surface area a little larger, which will help it cook more evenly.
  3. Place chicken, pork, or beef in a ziplock bag or plastic container with a tight fitting lid. Pour over enough marinade to cover the meat, then leave it in the refrigerator for 6-8 hours or more.
  4. For cooking, heat a gas or charcoal grill to a medium temperature. (You can only hold your hand there for 3 seconds at that temperature.) Place chicken or meat pieces diagonally across the grill grates and cook until you start to see signs of roast (3-4 minutes for chicken and maybe a little longer for meat).
  5. Then rotate the chicken or meat until it is diagonally in the opposite direction on the grill and cook until you see good grill marks going the other way.
  6. Turn it over and cook until solid, but not difficult to touch for chicken (only a few more minutes unless the chicken is really thick.) For beef or pork, I would have used Meat thermometer with instant reading (Affiliate link) to cook to your preferred level of maturity. Here is a good chart with Safe temperatures for grilled foods.
  1. If you are cooking a few cuts of meat, just store the extra marinade in the refrigerator and use it later on another type of meat.
  2. The extra marinade will keep in the refrigerator for at least a week (or maybe longer, but I haven’t been able to keep it for more than a week.)


I used Fresh and frozen lemon juice For this recipe. I used 1 ton of Worcestershire sauce for chicken but when I used it on pork or beef I increased the amount to 2 tons. Make sure to use it. Gluten Free Worcestershire Sauce (Referral link) if required.

Nutritional information for pickle only.

This recipe is one of those that Kalyn has prepared for a long time, and she cannot remember where she got it from.

Nutrition information:



Serving Size:

Amount per serving: Calories: 168Total fat: 18 gramsSaturated fat: 3 gramsUnsaturated fats: 0 gramsUnsaturated fats: 15 gramsCholesterol: 2 mgsodium: 129 mgCarbohydrates: 3 gramsthe basic: 1 gramsugar: 0 gramsprotein: 0 grams

Feed information is calculated automatically by the Recipe Plug-In I am using. I am not a dietitian and I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, because so many variables affect these calculations.

A low-carb salty dressing for the mini square roast chicken, pork, or beef

Low-carb diet / low-glycemic diet / South Beach diet suggestions:
The chicken, pork, or beef marinated in this will be perfect for any stage of the Original South Beach Diet or other low-carb or low-glycemic diet plans.

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Historical notes for this recipe:
This recipe was first published in 2005, and Kalyn has been using it for years at that point. It was last updated in 2021.

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