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Posted by Calin Denny employment September 4, 2021

Stretch out in summer with a delicious low-carb dinner cooked in foil; Here are 18 great low-carb dinners! Depending on the time of year, they can be cooked on the grill, in the oven, or even over a campfire.

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This round Great low carb dinners She has delicious dinner ideas wrapped in tin foil and cooked, and for most of these you can cook tin dinner on the grill, in the oven, or even over a campfire! Foil-wrapped dinners sometimes called Tin Foil or Hobo Dinners are great when you want an easy meal without a lot of cleanup! And it’s easy to customize tin dinners so that everyone in the family ends up with their favorite ingredients.

Some of the metal-packed dinners featured here are a complete meal wrapped in tin foil, some are a main dish cooked in foil, but all are easy, fun, and delicious! you can use Low Carb Supplements To find more periodic reports like this one.

Tips for making dinner plates in foil bags:

  1. Whether you’re cooking on the grill, in the oven, or over a campfire, wrapping ingredients in a double layer of aluminum foil is always a good idea. Heavy duty foil is best.
  2. Spraying the inner tin or brushing it with olive oil or non-stick spray will help prevent the food from sticking.
  3. Place ingredients that take longer to cook at the bottom of the package and quick-cook ingredients near the top.
  4. If you have ingredients that take longer to cook, chop them into smaller pieces.
  5. Season the food well before sealing the aluminum foil bag. Add something like oil, butter, or liquid to keep the ingredients moist inside the tin.
  6. For best results, don’t make the packages too large.
  7. Put two pieces of tin foil and add the ingredients. Then lift the inner piece of foil to the center and make several short folds to seal the foil. Then make several short folds on each end to close the ends. Repeat the same folding process with the outer piece of foil.
  8. You can cook tin foil dinners directly on oven grates or grill grates, but for cooking over a campfire don’t cook directly over a fire. You can cook over burnt coals if you’re keen on turning dinner often, or use the grill grates found at some campgrounds.
  9. The timing of your tin foil dinners will depend on the ingredients you use, but in general the cooking time will be the same as for the grill or oven, and slightly shorter for cooking over a campfire.
  10. For most recipes, add cheese after opening the packet of chips.
  11. You can make tin foil dinners ahead of time and refrigerate until tender, but for best results, allow them to reach room temperature before placing them on the grill, in the oven, or cooking them over a campfire.

Low carb tin foil dinners can be found at

these Low carb dinners from the tin From Kalyn’s Kitchen is something I made for years back when we used to have Denny Family Campout annually, even though no one had ever heard of low carbs back in those days. And this was when it was called tin foil, although it now appears to have been officially shortened to foil!

Sausage and shrimp bags

Sausage and shrimp bags From All Day I Dream About Food looks like a dinner that will be a hit whether you’re camping or eating at home!

Baked salmon with pesto and tomato sauce on a serving plate

Baked salmon with pesto and tomato From Kalyn’s Kitchen is a recipe I’ve made several times for guests, and this has always been a hit.

Chicken Caprese Chips

Cookin’ Canuck’s Dara says this Chicken Caprese Chips Cooked on the grill, in the oven, or over a campfire, this sounds like a dinner anyone would want!

Camp Dinner Meatloaf chips in onion cups

You’ll have to substitute your favorite low carb meatloaf recipe for a portion of meatloaf Camp dinner foil from meatloaf in onion cups From my friend Donna at Apron Strings, but I absolutely love the idea of ​​cooking a meatloaf inside bacon-covered onions!

There are low-carb dinners in the fall at

tin foil autumn dinner From Kalyn’s Kitchen includes fall ingredients like cabbage and carrots, but you can definitely eat this any time of year. Use fewer carrots and maybe a little cabbage to cut down on the carbs.

Sausage, cauliflower and green bean bags

Another tin foil dinner that looks like it would be great any time of the year is this one Sausage, cauliflower and green bean bags Than a step away from carbohydrates.

Greek chicken chips packets finished dish with chips

Greek chicken chips From Kalin’s Kitchen, all the flavors of Greek chicken I love, topped with melted feta cheese, yum!

Fish and vegetable chips dinner

You can use your favorite vegetables for this Fish and vegetable chips dinner From Real Housemoms, but the recipe as written has some low-carb veggie options.

Salmon asparagus chips

Asparagus and salmon chips packages From Spend with Pennies sounds easy and amazing, and I’m always ready for dinner with salmon and asparagus!

Bundles of salmon chips with tomatoes and olives Close-up of cooked salmon on a plate

these Bags of salmon chips with tomatoes and olives From Kalyn’s Kitchen is a recipe I’ve enjoyed for many years! Don’t worry if you don’t have saffron. This would be delicious without it!

Shrimp Foil Bucket With Zucchini

And I absolutely love all the flavors in these Shrimp Foil Bucket With Zucchini From Recipes from a Pantry, I bet any shrimp fan would love this dinner.

More ideas for cooking with chips:

Bags of fish chips with pesto and tomato sauce ~ Calin’s Kitchen
Sausages and grilled vegetables ~ The view from the great island
Wrapped in grilled (or baked) butternut squash with sage ~ Calin’s Kitchen
Maple Dijon chicken with cheese and vegetables packages ~Cupcakes and Kale chips
Baked salmon with foil ~ Low Carb with Jennifer
Keto salmon in pesto chips packets ~ I’m breathing I’m hungry

Pinterest image of great low-carb dinners